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What is Sauna Therapy? - It is a form of therapy that has respect to the Finnish traditional care culture and specializes in sauna treatments.

The purpose of sauna therapy is to maintain and foster your well-being by providing purifying and relaxing treatments by using pure natural ingredients and products made of them.

Treatment saunas

Purifying sauna, Stress relifing sauna, Clay sauna, Peat saunas

Pampering saunas

Rose sauna, Sauna for blokes

Workshop sauna

Herbal sauna


Nature's Wonders         Unique hand made products from arctic nature of Lapland

Sauna and Bath products       Raw materials from pure nature of Inari, Lapland

Other products                  Hand made jewellery and other products

Customized services

In addition to ready-made product packages, we can also plan sauna treatments / program services together with you, for example in connection with various themes.

Feel free to contact us and we will make a proposal and offer.

The sauna care program services are suitable for groups of friends, nature travellers (canoe, safari, hiking, fishing hikers), party organizers (anniversaries, bachelor parties) and well-being at work, among other things.

To reinforce the sauna treatments, it is possible to order the Sauna menu, which is made from local ingredients from Lapland.