Workshop saunas

For groups, from June to September, duration approx. 3,5 h

Price 138€/person, min. 552 € (1-4 persons)


Herbs, sauna bucket, products needed to maintain hydration / salt balance from Lapland's nature, natural shower products, self-made products, bench cloth, sauna hat, towel, bathrobe

If the customer wishes, it is possible to use his or her own swimsuit.

Hot tub, extra price June-September 100 € / group. Winter use negotiable. Transport of sauna and hot tub to the destination 1.50 € / km / per item.

The program can be continued with the Sauna menu if the customer wishes.

The herbal sauna

Make your own wellbeing products corresponding your personal needs according to given instructions. You can choose the herbs you please from the selection of natural plants grown in the midnight suns of Lapland.

The care products soothe, cleanse, refresh and soften the skin according to your needs.

Hoitotuotteet rauhoittavat, puhdistavat, virkistävät ja pehmentävät ihoa tarpeittesi mukaan.

The guided sauna treatment:

You will be given information about the active substances in plants. You will be guided on how to make your own care products.

Have a sauna and warm your skin in the gentle steam of the sauna unhurriedly, according to your own sensations. Throughout the sauna treatment, hydration and salt balance are taken care of. Finally, you can admire the magic of the self-made care products and enjoy yourself!

You are encouraged to take the knowledge with you to your own home spa!