This is us

We are Leena and Anneli, two experienced sauna therapists, whose dream has been to have a movable sauna. When needed the sauna can be transported from place to place carrying out traditional sauna treatments in the Inari area. The dream came true, and we want to give an authentic sauna experience for our sauna visitors. We cherish the Finnish sauna tradition and its health effects.

In Finnish mythology, the Fire Crowd is the crowd which dominates the fire. The Fire Crowd might be used to treat illnesses caused by other crowds like Forest Crowd, Water Crowd etc. For example, when a person who was swimming got ill and was healed in the sauna, the Fire Crowd had expelled the Water Crowd. The Fire Crowd existed especially in the sauna, where those to be healed were often treated.

Sauna services where they are needed

The distance to Tolonen is 12 km from Ivalo Airport, 20 km from Ivalo and 30 km from Saariselkä Fell Center. We have a movable sauna and a hot tub, so we can operate in different places. We can transport the sauna and the hot tub to the place chosen by the customer. However, the requirement is that the road is in good condition and the water supply is guaranteed. The sauna and the hot tub are fit for 6-8 people at a time.