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Wellness and relaxation with sauna therapy

using pure raw materials and organic products from Lapland

100% sauna experience

Do worries stress you? Is everyday life stressful? Are your muscles stiff? Are you tired? Feeling stale?

Now is the time to take a break. Come and experience the magic of the sauna for all your senses. Every sauna treatment is carried out in an unhurried and controlled way in a natural environment, treasuring the Finnish sauna tradition, without forgetting new nuances.

Raw materials from the pure nature of Lapland

For purifying and relaxing treatments, we use pure, selected natural ingredients and organic products from Lapland.

Experienced therapists

We are trained and experienced sauna therapists who want to take care of you right in the middle of a busy everyday life. Be enchanted by the ambience of the sauna with us.

Come with us to the marvellous ambience of the northern sauna - enjoy the gentle steams, sensual aromas, and the tranquillity of the whole body.

Our most popular product packages

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Treaments saunas

Treatment saunas boost and support your well-being. The therapeutic effects are based on the natural products used in the treatments.

 from 98€/person

Pampering sauna

In the pampering sauna, you indulge in a feeling of pleasure. Your own time and the world of scents bring luxury to your everyday life.

 from 128€/person

Workshop saunas

In the workshop sauna, you will learn to make your own wellness products and enjoy the magic they bring.

from 138€/person